What is digital.nsw?

Digital.nsw is the home of NSW Government’s digital transformation. It is designed to showcase and support digital government projects as we track towards digital transformation, and to build a thriving community of digital thinkers and practitioners within the public sector.

The new site is very much a ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP) and will evolve over time based on feedback and input from our communities.

Why was digital.nsw developed?

Following the release of the Digital Government Strategy in May 2017, we asked our colleagues across government what they needed to realise the vision for an agile, responsive public sector.

Digital.nsw supports agencies to accelerate digital ways of working and outcomes. It provides a central platform that allows users to:

  • Access resources to support the design and delivery of digital policies and services
  • Learn about the digital projects happening across the NSW public sector
  • Connect with digital teams and practitioners across government