Over the past three months we have been working with all agencies to develop a blueprint for digital delivery in NSW which will

  • Transform the experience of interacting with NSW government by enabling NSW Citizens to:

 The case for change

  • Provide better security, transparency and trust in government

  • Support a competitive digital NSW economy

  • Improve the performance of government.

While the blueprint is useful to define what enables great digital government, what is more important is our delivery plan and how this would be funded

We are sharing our framing, ideas and direction after 2 of 3 planned sprints. 

Our goal is to document a first version of a state-wide plan by March 2019.


NSW digital plan diagram

The best thing about the work done to date is the collaboration across agencies (in particular from Justice, FACS, Health, and Finance and Services), the Customer Service Commissioner and NSW Treasury, who we are working closely with from a funding perspective.     

Beyond incremental improvement, to a sustainable model

We plan to move from an agency-by-agency, mostly capitally funded opportunistic funding approach where “digital” and “ICT” are differentiated …

To an overall 10-year delivery roadmap based on defined agency plans, the use of “core/common” statewide components and contemporary funding methods with Customer (“Digital”) priorities baked in.

Diagram of current state and future state

Download the draft blueprint

Over the coming months we will be focused on building out the delivery plan, particularly for high impact wins we want to achieve in 2019/20 (middle column below).

We will also be sharing the details of our Customer Experience initiatives with you soon.

(Draft) Delivery Roadmap – State-wide Digital Enablers

 Diagram of state wide digital enablers

Thank you again to everyone who has contributed so far.

Greg Wells

Government Chief Information and Digital Officer

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