Introduction to Human-Centred Design

Human-centred design is a creative approach to problem solving. It places people at the heart of the problems we solve. By understanding who we are trying to reach we can design better solutions. 

Developed with FutureGov, here are six videos that form an free online training program about human-centred design.

The training includes:

  • An overview of human-centred design 
  • Tools and resources to apply it to research
  • Steps to understand how to move from research to solutions

Designed originally to build capability across the Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) sector, the principles and tools in the online training are valuable for anybody designing a service or product.

The training complements the NGO Benchmarking Model and the Human Services Outcomes Framework, which help NGOs adapt to the new world of outcomes-based contracting. 

Part 1: Introduction

Human Centred Design


Part 2: The secret behind good (public) products and services

Human-Centred Design Training Part 2


Part 3: Adopting a human-centred design mindset

Human-Centred Design Training Part 3


Part 4: What types of research are we talking about?

Human-Centred Design Training Part 4


Part 5: Discovery tools and activities

Human-Centred Design Training Part 5


Part 6: Prototypes and other tools

Human-Centred Design Training Part 6