We’re excited to have released our first update for the Beyond Digital Strategy. The strategy is constantly evolving to include new initiatives happening across NSW Government, and respond to the current customer & digital landscape across the sector. Our team will release a new update to the strategy every quarter.

What’s new in the Beyond Digital Strategy?

For our first iteration since the launch in November last year, we’re delighted to include the NSW IoT Policy in our strategy content. The policy provides government employees with guidance on how to deliver IoT-enabled solutions, build capability and encourage innovation across the sector.

The IoT Policy aligns with our strategic direction ‘Deliver better frontline technology’, and benefits public sector employees while they design new and smarter IoT driven solutions within NSW Government. Another integral aspect of the strategy are the Cluster 10-Year Plans. We've confirmed most of the 10-Year cluster plans moving them from draft to first release.

The strategy always looks forward to celebrating successful initiatives from across the sector. Our success stories section in the strategy highlights key initiatives which are driving customer success and reform within government via the use of ICT and digital. It’s exciting to highlight 26 new success stories in our current strategy release. These stories can be filtered via strategic directions or who benefits. Few of the success stories include:


Success Stories Beyond Digital


  • Think Before You TREK: Stay safe by planning your trip for all conditions and telling someone about it. Read more.
  • NSW Government Graduate Program: Discover how our graduate program is building public sector capability and shaping a world class public service. Read more.
  • NSW Digital Twin: Discover how Southern Hemisphere’s largest Digital Twin has created a digital model of our cities and communities. Read more.

What’s coming up in the next release?

We have an exciting line-up of initiatives coming up for our next strategy release in mid-2020. Few of the initiatives which we'll be including are NSW Economic Blueprint, NSW AI Strategy, Smart Infrastructure Policy and Regional Digital Connectivity Program. Read more.

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