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COVID-19 Update

We are currently working as part of the NSW Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this, the following future planned initiatives are under review, we appreciate your understanding and ongoing support. For more information on COVID-19 visit: NSW Government COVID-19.

What’s new?

We’re excited to have updated the strategy content with new success stories which highlight how we are responding to COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the success stories include:

COVID Automated Patient COVID Result Notification: Learn how a new automated service is securely and quickly delivering COVID-19 results to patients. Read more.
flexible Flexible Working in NSW Government: Discover how NSW Public Sector has quickly and effectively adapted to new ways of working during COVID-19. Read more.
heatmap COVID-19 NSW Heat Map: Discover how a new interactive heat map is helping customers to stay informed and safe during the global pandemic. Read more.
fireman TAFE NSW Fee-Free Courses: Upskill yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic with free short courses from TAFE NSW. Read more.

Last updated: May 2020 

Future Planned Release

New and upcoming initiatives across NSW Government, with implications to customer or digital will be incorporated in the strategy content in future releases. The upcoming initiatives are as below and are under review due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Initiative Description
NSW Government AI Strategy

The NSW Government AI Strategy will outline the NSW Government’s vision for AI and the key activities needed to drive maturity in this emerging technology.

The AI User Guide will provide practical guidance to NSW Government agencies to ensure AI is rolled out in accordance with privacy law and data governance requirements.

The AI Policy Statement will set out the guiding ethical principles for the NSW public sector’s use of AI.

NSW Smart Infrastructure Policy The Smart Infrastructure Policy will set the requirements for smart technology to be embedded in all new and significantly upgraded infrastructure from 2020. (Recommendation 32, Building Momentum - State Infrastructure Strategy 2018-2038, February 2018). The Policy is currently under development.
Operational Communications Strategy The NSW Telco Authority has commenced revising their Operational Communications Strategy (OCS). The strategy is being updated to accommodate advances in digital technologies and changing agency requirements since 2015.
Gig State The Gig State project will boost regional internet service with network infrastructure and increased fibre capacity in regional NSW. The NSW Government is running an open tender process in 2020 to deliver better regional digital connectivity outcomes through infrastructure investment in key pilot locations. Read more
Smart Western City Program The Smart Western City Program will define a range of smart place initiatives and solutions that will ensure the Western Parkland City is a connected and digitally enabled city. It is a key commitment under the Western Sydney City Deal.
NSW Smart Places Strategy A Smart Places Strategy for NSW will help ensure we are applying a consistent, seamless, placed-based approach to Smart Places implementation in NSW to deliver for the people of NSW. The Strategy responds to a key recommendation in the State Infrastructure Strategy 2018.
Western Parkland City 5G Strategy Trials The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) is leading the development of the 5G Strategy and rollout of trials in the Western Parkland City in partnership with Penrith City Council. The strategy and related trials are a key commitment under the Western Sydney City Deal.
NSW Cyber Security Strategy The NSW Government is updating the NSW Cyber Security Strategy.
Telco Digital Twin DCS Spatial Services in collaboration with the NSW Telco Authority is developing a NSW Telco Digital Twin. The Digital Twin will identify and visualise NSW infrastructure and buildings in real-time, which will enhance emergency management’s capability to plan and respond to emergency events.
Success Stories Additional success stories have been obtained and will be made available.

If you are working on an initiative that has all of government implications for customer or digital, please let us know by contacting us at:

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