Minister's Foreword


When I address student leaders about leadership, I remind them that the focus of leadership is not on the leader, rather on who they are elected to serve.


That’s why, as the inaugural Minister for Customer Service, I am excited to share with you a vision and strategy that goes 'beyond digital’. In this strategy we focus on what digital is in place to do: enhance the customer experience and service delivery for the people and businesses of New South Wales.

Almost three years ago, the NSW Digital Government Strategy set out a bold vision: services which are digital by default, co-designed with customers and put data at the heart of decision making.

Since then, the NSW Government has delivered. This year, we formed the Department of Customer Service, established the Delivery and Performance Committee of Cabinet, and started work on the Digital Restart Fund. All three share a common vision: making government more agile, responsive and accountable for the services we deliver to and on behalf of the people of NSW.

And the world has moved on. No longer is digital government an end goal in itself, but a means to go further and deliver even better government services. New technology presents many opportunities for the NSW Government, but technology alone is not enough.

That’s why our new strategy is titled ‘Beyond Digital’. It reflects the reality that the biggest opportunities to improve customer service do not just better utilise technology, but go beyond: like adopting a whole-of-government view of service delivery, driving a culture of continuous improvement, or setting the strong security and privacy foundations to allow effective use of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

What you see here is the start. Like all good digital products, it will continue to grow and evolve over time based on what we hear from people, businesses, partners and the public service. To do that, we need your feedback – so do let us know what’s working and where we should focus.

This strategy forges an exciting path ahead for NSW, and I look forward to you joining us on the journey.



The Hon. Victor Dominello MP,
Minister for Customer Service

November 2019