Our Vision

We have entered a period of exponential growth and speed at which technology is shaping the way we think, behave and act. It is embedded in everything we touch, merging our physical and digital experiences.

Investment in customer services and digital provides one of the greatest opportunities to enable equitable, inclusive service for our communities. It is both a huge challenge and an exciting opportunity to change the way we approach services to put customers at the heart of everything we do.

It is our vision that we are delivering smart, simple and seamless personalised services available from anywhere.

Our future is an environment of converged digital and physical experiences where:

  • Patients can have personalised and virtual care

  • Students can learn from anywhere using an extensive connected network

  • Commuters enjoy seamless travel whenever they need it

  • Button

    Our customers won’t have to repeat information, they will be able to consume services in the way they want, at the time they want, and via the channel they want.

  • Molecule

    We are ensuring access to government services for those that can't use digital and using mobile service centres to make it easier for communities in regional areas. We have done this with a focus on driving an inclusive and diverse culture within government that reflects our customers.

  • World in a box

    We have invested in Service NSW, making business easier, the Digital Driver Licence, Active Kids and created the world’s first Department of Customer Service.

  • Matrix

    We are reimagining the way we plan, fund and deliver digital in NSW based on our digital blue print.

  • Scale

    Our customer and digital progress will be measured by a range of quantitative and qualitative measures, ensuring accountability and a continued focus on improving our services.

  • Compass

    Beyond Digital sets the direction but, like the services we are creating, it will evolve and improve over time – with your help, insights and feedback. By working together, we will design and build world-class government services for today, going beyond digital into whatever the future holds.


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