Deliver Better Frontline Technology

Our long-term goals

Using a human-centred approach, with our customers, employees and industry partners, we will maximise the opportunities of emerging technology and innovate to respond to new challenges.

Anything we invest in now, needs to be re-usable. That means utilising common sources of data and optimising our use of the cloud, platforms and software-as-a-service technologies. And it means always providing secure and trusted digital platforms and ways of interacting with our services.

Building towards our future

We’ve established a NSW Chief Cyber Security Officer and a NSW Cyber Security Strategy to enable us to respond effectively as one government to any cyber incidents.

The NSW Data Centre Reform Strategy has consolidated 130 data centres into two modern, reliable, energy efficient, secure and fit-for-purpose facilities. Phase Two of the strategy is uplifting security and interconnectedness to enable edge computing in partnerships.  


NSW Cyber Security Strategy and Chief Cyber Officer

enabled us to respond effectively to any cyber incidents


The NSW Data Centre Reform Strategy

has consolidated 130 data centres into 2 modern, reliable and secure facilities

We are expanding our government data centres to support hybrid cloud, hyperscale and protected cloud services. This is a foundational capability to uplift data security whilst also providing innovative AI and big data analytics solutions partnered by Industry on sovereign soil. 2020 will launch the first innovation space available to Agencies to consume services directly from NSW GOVDC locations.

Lives are being saved and outcomes vastly improved thanks to a model of care which harnesses technology to deliver world-class assessment, treatment and management of stroke patients.

Enabled by the Health Wide Area Network and using screen-sharing technology provided by eHealth NSW, remote specialists can gain full access to patient imaging as it is being processed, allowing time-critical diagnosis and immediate treatment of stroke patients in rural and regional areas. 


Lives are saved

thanks to a model of care that harnesses technology to treat stroke patients

Video call on computer

The Health Wide Area Network and eHealth

provides remote specialists access to patients allowing time-critical diagnosis and treatment in rural and regional areas

The Digital Drivers Licence has been successfully launched in NSW. The uptake has been enormously successful with over 2.7 million digital licenses downloaded since the launch, representing over 46 percent of all licensed drivers in NSW. The Digital Drivers Licence is extremely popular among 25-44 years’ old drivers in NSW. 

Our IoT Policy provides practical guidance to help NSW Government departments design, plan and implement IoT solutions. We’ve provided tools, templates and standards to effectively manage an IoT-enabled project.

Digital Driver Licence on Smartphone

The Digital Driver Licence

has been launched in NSW

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2.7 million

digital licences have been downloaded by drivers

We’ve launched the NSW Smart Places Strategy, which is Australia’s first state strategy of its kind. It spells out NSW’s commitment to using new technologies and near and real-time data to improve services and drive investment decisions. The strategy’s action plan maps out the forward agenda for NSW in delivering Smart Places; and was developed with citizens at the centre, leveraging customer research and input from academia, industry and local, state and federal government.

The NSW Smart Infrastructure Policy guides agency on the use of smart technology in public infrastructure to improve customer outcomes, increase productivity and help drive decision making . The policy is part of the NSW Government’s Smart Places Strategy which supports agencies as they plan, design, build and operate connected communities.

Our NSW AI Strategy sets out the direction on the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) by NSW Government agencies. It is underpinned by an AI Ethics Policy and AI User Guide. The strategy aims to build maturity in the use and procurement of AI by NSW Government. Our AI Ethics Policy aims to build trust, and is focused on better customer services, improved decision making, transparency, fairness and accountability.

NSW Smart Places Strategy

NSW Smart Places Strategy

spells out NSW's commitment to using new technologies

NSW AI Strategy

NSW AI Strategy

sets the direction of the development and use of AI

We’ve launched the NSW Government Cloud Strategy and Policy that will drive government wide adoption of public cloud services in an aligned and secure manner. This will accelerate innovation, modernise service delivery and drive better outcomes for the citizens of NSW.

NSW Cloud Strategy and Policy

will enable responsive delivery of more innovative services within NSW

Our strategic objectives are:

  1. ‘Build once and reuse’ common digital platforms, architecture and services across the NSW Government and public sector

  2. Work to improve connectivity to communities in regional NSW

  3. Modernise legacy solutions to support essential front-line services (e.g. police, transport, emergency service, health, education)

  4. Explore digital as an alternative to infrastructure

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