Customer Service

Cluster focus areas are subject to change based on NSW Government priorities and responses to evolving customer needs. Updates to any content on this website will be communicated in coming soon.


Building great customer service for NSW

Our long-term vision on how we see the Department of Customer Service transforming NSW:

  • Excellence in customer service - Government services are accessible, convenient and customer-focused.
  • Digital leadership and innovation in government services - Enhanced data and analytics insights drive citizen value, and the NSW government is a world leader in service delivery and digital innovation.
  • Competitive, fair and secure markets - Regulation for businesses and citizens is fair, accessible and simple. Citizens, businesses and industry have confidence in the NSW regulatory environment. 

Focus areas

These are the key focus areas over ten years broken up into three horizons.
Short Term
  • Government made easy (tell us once)
  • Life journeys (birth of a child, end of life)
  • Digital birth certificate
  • AI for improved customer experience
  • Modernise licensing and compliance
  • Consolidate government websites
  • E-invoicing MVP
  • Simplify digital procurement systems
  • Secure and seamless payments
  • Digitise construction-related processes
  • Digital Twin Western Sydney
  • Government service performance dashboard
  • Accelerate delivery via digital restart fund services
  • Digital design system
  • National integrated single sign-on
  • DAC analytics and data.nsw platform expansion
  • Strategic partnerships to deliver to Beyond Digital
  • Grow start-up and SME business in NSW
  • Trial digital alternatives to physical infrastructure
  • Cyber monitoring, response and capabilities
  • Service NSW for business program
  • Uplift our digital capabilities
  • Mobile blackspots and regional connectivity
Medium Term
  • Increased personalisation of government services
  • AI for government records management
  • Omni-channel cross customer experience
  • Government as a platform experience (state and federal)
  • Retrain staff for emerging technology opportunities (e.g. AI)
  • Cross government workflow automation
  • Integrated real-time data network for frontline
  • Regional digital workforce
  • Agency mobility (move within government)
  • Self service government product design and deployment
  • Predictive cyber event response
  • Internal service management & integration skills
  • Employee experience (Shared ERP)
  • E-Invoicing full deployment
  • Biometric security for customer privacy
  • IOT platforms and services
  • Sustain and improve revenue capture and reduce customer effort to comply
Long Term
  • Predictive and automated customer services
  • Seamless place-based customer experiences
  • Automated and mixed reality for employee collaboration and training
  • Augmented and mixed reality for improved customer services
  • Government service anomaly detection
  • Blockchain eg procurement and supply chain
  • Advanced contract analytics
  • Automated cyber event response
  • Delivering assured revenue for the NSW Government