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A sustainable health system that delivers outcomes that matter to patients and the community, is personalised, invests in wellness and is digitally enabled.

Our long-term vision on how we see NSW Health transforming NSW:

  • Patients experience customised healthcare and health-related education is available when and where needed. 
  • Our people offer personalised health and wellbeing solutions supported by agile technology and information in an efficient environment. 
  • The broader health system can proactively and intelligently identify needs and respond with tailored solutions for patients and our people. 

Focus areas

These are the key focus areas over ten years broken up into three horizons.
Short Term
  • Integrated paper-lite core clinical information systems including eMR, IMS, HealtheNet, Diagnostic Solutions
  • Patient identification and selection
  • Patient-reported measures
  • Patient and provider video conferencing
  • Patient health education and information resources
  • Availability and access to workforce data
  • Effective and integrated workforce management tools
  • Finance lifecycle management
  • Standardised data structures, storage and reporting
  • Robust minimum standards for infrastructure, networks and security
  • Consistent approach to fostering ICT enabled innovations
Medium Term
  • Secure messaging and eReferral management
  • Enhanced capture and use of new data sources
  • Enhanced data mobilisation
  • Seamless information flow between core systems
Long Term
  • Shared care plans
  • Online appointments
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Workforce education and professional development tools
  • Enhanced population health intelligence
  • Enhanced preventative health analytics
  • Enhanced research and continuous learning
  • Workforce access to applications anywhere anytime
  • Highly mobile and intuitive solutions