I am a Business

There are more than 780,000 businesses in NSW across a wide variety of industries, 98% of them are small with less than 20 employees. Whatever their size, business is integral to growing the NSW economy, keeping money close to home and supporting our communities.

What business owners told us

Business owners live, work and raise their families in NSW - which makes them our customers too. However, they have some additional needs around how we can help them to get established, operate successfully and grow. Each small business is different but similar needs came through loud and clear when we spoke to owners across every industry.

  • A strong, resilient and diverse economy with a AAA credit rating
  • A sound regulatory environment
  • Guidance through those regulations
  • Access to a highly skilled workforce
  • Accessible international markets

How we’re responding

  • Two hands joining forces

    Starting, running and growing a business is challenging enough without the added complications of red tape across three levels of government. We’re making business easier with one central, trusted source of information, free personalised support and step-by-step guidance to gain the necessary approvals, licenses and permits.

  • Stairs leading to a flag at the top

    Launching a cafe restaurant or small bar involves 48 different forms and 15 government agencies, and a builder could face up to 51 forms and 17 agencies. We are working to free up aspiring business owners so they can start, run and grow a business faster.

  • Target

    Making Business Easier was created to save time and money, allowing business owners to spend less time on paperwork and more time achieving business goals.

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