I am a Partner

Our partnership ecosystem helps us to build innovative, creative and fresh products and services. We can expand our skillsets, augment our resources, and increase the value of offerings by linking their services to our own.

Through their networks we can extend our reach to people in our community that are hard to connect with. For example, we are partnering with NGOs to communicate with at-risk communities.

We need to focus on how we continue to collaborate with partners to bring our best to the people of NSW.

What our partners told us

Industry partners value sharing knowledge and expertise across the private and public sectors. They want to partner because they understand that collaboration between academia, industry and government allows for positive impacts where they are needed the most. Our partners want more opportunities to be part of the strategic planning of government.

How we’re responding

  • Eye

    We’ll provide greater visibility of NSW Government Digital / ICT strategic priorities and direction by publishing long term strategic plans as part of this strategy and continue to maintain these plans ongoing. 

  • Rocket

    We’ll formalise whole-of-government relationships and agreements with technology providers. This will accelerate consistency, reliability and standardisation across government.

  • Lightbulb

    We will set up the digital procurement transformation program to deliver smart, seamless and connected procurement services making it easier for government and industry.

  • Arrows

    And we’ll establish purchasing arrangements or panels sourced from vibrant and competitive markets locally and globally.

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    But we need to remember that our partners have an obligation to improve outcomes for our customers. And we have an obligation to make sure they do so.

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