Treasury manages the state’s financial wellbeing and designs financial policy to support the NSW economy. We monitor how clusters deliver priority projects, monitor performances and minimise financial risk across the public sector. Monitoring performance looks different for a digital government, so Treasury is moving towards outcomes-based budgeting and upgrading legacy systems. Within Treasury cluster, NSW Industrial Relations group is comprised of NSW Industrial Relations (NSW IR) and Long Service Corporation. NSW IR’s primary responsibilities are monitoring wages, employment rights, obligations and employment conditions in NSW. NSW IR workplace advisors engage directly with employers, employees and vulnerable workers through a comprehensive education program which includes face-to-face workshops and online webinars.

Mike Pratt
Cluster: Treasury
Projects: 1
Secretary: Mike Pratt
Position: Secretary of NSW Treasury

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  • Financial Management Transformation

    Investment Level: $9.9M

    Financial Management Transformation (FMT) is the biggest financial reform undertaken by the Government in 30 years.  It introduces a strong focus on results. When the Government makes spending decisions, there will be greater attention to…

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