Test with assistive technologies

Minimum you need to do

Test for usability by the most common assistive technologies - including screen magnifiers, screen readers and speech recognition tools.

How to test

People with permanent or temporary disability or impairment may rely on a range of assistive technologies.  Use the below as a guide to ensure you test the service with a cross-section of browsers and assistive technologies. However, you should be sure to test against the browser/operating system that your users are likely to be using. 

Most used assistive technologies

Software Version Type Browser
JAWS 15 or later   Screen reader Internet Explorer 11
ZoomText   10.11 or later   Screen magnifier   Internet Explorer 11  
Dragon Naturally Speaking
11 or later Speech recognition Internet Explorer 11
 NVDA 2016 or later Screen reader Mozilla Firefox (latest versions)
VoiceOver 7.0 or later Screen reader Safari on iOS 10 and OS X

Assistive technology testing guides

How to show you have met the assistive technologies need

You will have:

  • tested your service with the assistive technologies, browsers, and operating systems your users are likely to use. 

  • taken steps to correct all issues that you found in the testing process. You’ve re-tested the service to confirm it’s accessible before launch. 

  • made a record of your testing results in your progress reports.

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