NSW Design System components

Minimum you need to do

Use the NSW Design System components to design your website, product or service.

The NSW Design System has a range of common design components to help you build your website or service. 

The components apply the digital design styles. They provide a consistent user experience that is:

  • responsive
  • accessible to WCAG 2.1 AA standard
  • distinctly NSW out of the box.

You can find the component design assets in the NSW Design System Figma UI kit.  

Everyone working for NSW Government can use these components, including brand exempt NSW Government agencies. Using the components will save time and costs. 

You can use the components as they are to achieve a distinctly NSW Government product. If you have brand exemption you can easily customise the highlight colour, which automatically updates all relevant patterns. 

How to show you’ve used design system components

  • You will have created a prototype with the UI components and tested it with users.

  • Your developers have implemented your final product using the code provided through the design system. 

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