User experience design

User experience design ensures products provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. It includes all aspects of a user's interaction from the branding to colour and usability.

Minimum you need to do

Test for usability

Test with your users while developing the service, to be sure it is usable and meets their needs.

When to do it 

You will first need to discover and map your users' current experience of your product or service. You can then use prototypes to address that experience, and test their usability with users as you are designing and developing. Your user experience research will complement your desktop research and other user research.

Who’s responsible? 

It depends on the expertise, skills and structure of your design team. You might have one or several people who do user experience design, usability research and interface design.  

Other roles that might fit into your user experience team structure include: 

  • interaction designer 
  • information architect 
  • content strategist 
  • content designer 
  • visual designer 
  • audio designer. 

Why we need to do this  

A good user experience is when your users can interact with a service and use it to do what they need to do.  

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