Design and manage your data needs

Design your data needs from the outset to best manage and protect the data you collect, use and release.  

Minimum you need to do

When to do it 

Plan your data needs and requirements upfront so you can manage and protect it: 

  • at the point of collection or generation 
  • through to disposal of the data 
  • at all the stages between. 

Who’s responsible? 

You will need to identify or assign an owner (data custodian) for the data your service collects or generates.  

You may also need specialist data skills to help you manage your data at different stages in the data lifecycle. Key roles include: 

  • data architects 
  • engineers 
  • analysts 
  • scientists 
  • visualisers 
  • storytellers.  

Why you need to do this  

Customers who use our digital products and services must be confident that any information and data they provide to NSW Government is confidential and stored appropriately. You should tell them so they know how you will use their information and how they can retrieve it.  

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