Reuse what's available

Avoid reinventing the wheel. Reuse. Look at existing capability, process, data, services and domains. Align with strategy and roadmaps. 

Minimum you need to do

When to do it 

Plan for and make use of any opportunities to reuse when doing things like: 

  • planning the design of (or making changes to) government services or transactions  
  • planning business transformation or change 
  • renewing or reviewing supplier/partner contracts. 

Who’s responsible? 

The product owner, manager, technical leads and senior leadership team.  

Why you need to do this  

Reuse to create a consistent, seamless and improved customer experience simple and seamless experience for our users. 

In reusing what’s available, creators of digital products and services can:  

  • minimise duplication of effort by using tools that are already proven 
  • focus more on creating unique parts of the service, instead of what’s already done 
  • design and build in a way that is responsive to the changing environment 
  • reduce organisational complexity 
  • capitalise on economies of scale. 
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