Use existing domain  names

Minimum you need to do

If your service needs a website, use an existing domain by default. Follow the domain names guide and comply with policy.  

Use  existing domains 

NSW Government agencies should not launch websites on new domain names. However there are some exceptions that may apply. Refer to the Department of Customer Service circular DCS-2020-01 NSW Government website consolidation.  

When you’re creating digital content, products or services consider how it will fit into your digital strategy and online presence.  

We encourage you to:

  • review the portfolio of websites that you manage 
  • decommission sites you no longer need for your agency's core business
  • rather than building a new website, consider whether the content meets the criteria for publishing on the central NSW Government website 
  • either consolidate content into the, an existing agency website, or archive it
  • email NSW Government digital channels unit at [email protected] to find out whether you can launch a new website, or if an existing one will provide a better customer experience.

Applying for a new domain name

You must apply for a new domain to the NSW Government domain name administrator using the domain name online form.   

Domain names are subject to eligibility rules, policies and guidelines.

Read the domain names guide for how to apply for a new domain and manage your domains.    

How to show you’ve met the need

  • You've used an existing domain name for your site by default, and looked for ways to consolidate the information on the websites you manage.

  • When building a new website and registering a new domain name, you've complied with the Department of Customer Service circular DCS-2020-01 NSW Government website consolidation

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