🔹 Needed for NSW Government Branding

Colour plays an important role in creating a consistent and strong visual identify for NSW Government digital products and services.

View implementation guidance on the Design System 3.0 Documentation site.

Design System base colour theme

The design system contains a colour scheme using NSW Government brand colours, which may be changed if your product is brand exempt.

The default colours reflect masterbrand corporate colour usage. It uses blues, reds and greys from the NSW Government colour palette to communicate a strong association with NSW Government.

Swatch Colour Value (Default) CSS variable


Brand dark Blue 01 (#002664) --nsw-brand-dark


Brand light Blue 04 (#CBEDFD) --nsw-brand-light


Brand Supplementary Blue 02 (#146CFD) --nsw-brand-supplementary


Brand Accent Red 02 (#D7153A) --nsw-brand-accent
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