Browser and device compatibility

We aim to accommodate all modern browsers and  devices so users experience the distinctly NSW look and feel and benefit from our accessibility standards and guidelines.   

This list outlines common browsers, devices and screen sizes and is the basis for cross browser testing when building for our design system.

Latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Chrome (on Mac)

  • Firefox (on Mac)

  • Safari (on Mac)

  • Edge (on Windows 10)

  • Internet Explorer 11 (On Windows 7)*

Latest versions of the following device operating systems/browsers:

  • iOS Safari (on an iPhone)

  • Android Chrome (through Browserstack)

Common screen resolutions for each device/browser where applicable:

  • Desktop resolutions

  • Tablet resolutions

  • Mobile resolutions

  • Minimum of 320x480 device size

* We consider Internet Explorer 11 a legacy browser and make our best efforts to ensure the user can benefit from as much functionality as possible with graceful degradation in mind, in that, it may not always look perfect.

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