Simple Accessibility Checklist

Who should use this checklist

  • Project and Product Managers/Owners
  • Scrum team leaders
  • UI and UX Designers/Developers/QA can use this checklist for a quick/basic test of a

What this checklist covers

Designed as a quick way to check the accessibility health of a product or service, it covers the areas of WCAG that are the easiest for a non-technical person to evaluate. This checklist does not cover everything that would be required to test conformance to a specific WCAG standard.

When to use

  • Any existing website can be tested for WCAG conformance with this checklist, including 3rd party demo/trial websites, test/UAT phase of websites, or live websites.
  • Some checks can be tested during the design phase of the project. This includes testing "colour contrast" and "colour alone".


The checklist consists of 9 important considerations when it comes to making your service or product accessible and inclusive. Each explores what this should look like, how to test and additional resources for reference. 


1. Colour Contrast

Is there sufficient colour contrast ratio of all text against the background colour?

2. Colour alone

When colour is used to show information, is it supplemented with text, icons, or other visuals to communicate information?

3. Text resize

Does the website/app/product support resizing text?

4. Clear link and button text

Do all links clearly describe the page that will load or what will happen when a person clicks or presses them?

5. Video supports captions

Do all videos have captions? Does the video player support captions?

6. Keyboard accessible

Is the interface fully keyboard accessible? Can a person use a keyboard alone to complete all tasks, and get access to all information?

7. Error identification

When a user makes a mistake completing a form or a transaction, are the errors identified? Is clear feedback provided to the user as to how to resolve the error?

8. Tested on web only: Image descriptions

Do informative and functional images have alt text?

9. Tested on web only: Headings

Is heading text in the website marked up as headings?

Download the Simple Accessibility Checklist [Word 300KB] 

More information

Use these resources in the Testing Toolkit to gain a better understanding of why accessibility is important, how to take an inclusive approach to content and how to test for accessibility.

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