4. Clear link and button text

Do all links clearly describe the page that will load or what will happen when a person clicks or presses them?

Reference: Understanding Success Criterion 2.4.4: Link Purpose

How to test:

  1. Manually review all of the links.
  2. Check that if taken out of context, they clearly describe what will happen if a person clicks or presses them.
To find out more view the planning map To find out more click here to view the planning map

✅ Pass

❌ Fail


  • Look for link text such as "Learn more", Click", "Click here", here. These are all of examples of links that do not clearly communicate what will happen if a person clicks on them.
  • It's best practice to ensure that link text is clear and descriptive for sighted and non-sighted users, but if screen real-estate is a limiting factor, hidden text could also be included in the link to make the link text understandable for people using a screen reader. 

See also How to make "Read more" links accessible (Vision Australia).

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