3. Text resize

Does the website/app/product support resizing text?

Reference: Understanding Success Criterion 1.4.4 

How to test:

  1. Using your device and/or browser settings to change the default text size. Alternatively, if it is a custom device like a printer does it offer a setting to increase the text size?
  2. On a web browser, use "Ctrl +" and "Ctrl –" to increase and decrease the text size. Ideally, text up to 400% zoom increase in size and still be readable.
  3. On a mobile/tablet device, you can increase the size of text using the device accessibility settings. If text does not change size at all, or becomes obscured when resized, it fails.
  4. Often, increasing text size will adopt a responsive view (mobile or tablet view). All content and functionality should also be available in the mobile/tablet view in at least some way.


Test the settings on a variety of devices including desktop, mobile, and tablet.

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