Proof of identity (POI)

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The proof of identity (POI) product provides citizens with a secure, reusable and consistent way to prove their digital identity across government agencies.


The POI product is aligned to the Australian National Identity Proofing Guidelines set out in the Digital Transformation Agency’s (DTA) Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF).

With a focus on reusability, our aim is to make proving the identity for the citizens of NSW as easy as possible by only requesting identity documentation that is absolutely necessary.

Our product will be built in a way that is flexible and easily repeatable, ensuring we make it as simple as possible for other agencies to integrate with the product. This will also help create consistent customer experiences across government agencies when verifying identity.



  • Reusable authorisation status
  • Simplified and seamless access to complete transactions at secure levels


  • Reduction of manual processes related to POI
  • Increased offering of digital capabilities to citizens

For more information or to explore how this could work for your product, please contact:

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