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Service NSW Connect gives residents secure and simple access to NSW government services with one set of credentials.


Gives residents seamless access to multiple government services with their Service NSW login credentials.

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What problems are we solving?

While NSW residents may be increasingly interacting with government services online, the misconception that government is a single entity combined with the low frequency of interaction means that residents struggle to recall and differentiate accounts for multiple government services.

Agencies are building digital applications requiring authentication and have the need for their own authentication systems. They face a customer base who is frustrated by the prospect of creating yet another account.


For residents

Faster and more convenient

  • Existing Service NSW account holders can access your service with a login they already know

Access to more online government services

  • Users signing up for a Service NSW account get access not only to your service, but other online NSW government services using Service NSW Connect


  • Users can trust that their personal information is only shared with the government agencies they have explicitly consented to

Trusted brand

  • Service NSW is a known brand which increases the trust they have in your site


Increased digital uptake

  • Service NSW Connect means a lower barrier to entry. Users simply log in with credentials they already know, ensuring increased trust due to familiarity and decreased frustration because they don’t have to create another account.

Less work for you

  • Using Service NSW Connect means you don't have to implement account management functionality such as registration forms and 'forgot password' flows
  • We also provide account support so that's one more thing you and your team don't have to worry about.

Reduced risk

  • We handle security, compliance and data management for core user information which means you become less of a security target.

Is this right for my project?

Service NSW Connect is for you if:

  • You are a NSW State or Local Government agency
  • You have a web-based product or service designed to be used by members of the NSW public
  • You need a secure way to enable NSW residents to log in to your application

Service NSW Connect is not for you if:

  • You have multiple customer databases and would like a single view/merge of those databases


OneGov My Service NSW federation

What it is

OneGov’s Log in with My Service NSW supports digital customer-facing licensing transactions. It launched in September 2019 for 25 transactions that OneGov manages.

The login provides one set of credentials, where there was two. Moving forward, it will enable customers to update their information once and use the information for multiple transactions across the government.


This integration lays the foundation for OneGov services. It will save new projects up to one month of design and one month of development effort. This also sets the path for decommissioning the legacy OneGov ID.

How it works

The OneGov portal integrates with Service NSW Connect using standard interfaces. The OneGov landing page gives customers the option to sign in or create an account with Service NSW. This experience has undergone extensive usability testing.

How it is designed

The OneGov and Service NSW teams collaborated using agile and pair programming methods. There was no formal project management structure. The teams self-oriented to deliver the outcome. They consisted of delivery lead, service designers, developers and testers.


The core technologies enabling the OneGov implementation are:

  • ASP.Net MVC– Microsoft web programming framework and pattern
  • .Net Core – Microsoft cross platform development framework
  • OpenID Connect – RESTful identity verification using OAuth 2.0
  • Slack – team collaboration
  • JIRA – software development and bug tracking
  • Confluence – requirements/test case documentation and knowledge base
  • Jenkins – build, test, and release automation


For more information or to explore how this could work for your product, please contact:

[email protected] 

Frequently asked questions

What do I get as part of my integration?

We provide a hosted Javascript SDK that is included on every page on your site. This SDK makes it quick and easy for your team to integrate Service NSW Connect into the front end of your site by providing functionality to display the login button (including styling), and initialising the login flow for the user.

We will provide you with documentation, a sample application, button branding guidelines and support with our engineers to help you get started.

Is this SSO?

Not at the moment, for example, if a resident signs on to one government agency, they’re not automatically signed on to other government agencies.

What customer details are shared with us?

At the moment, only the users email address is shared. In the future, we’ll open this up to more info - provided the user gives explicit consent for that information to be shared.

What technology do you use?

Service NSW Connect uses industry standard protocol OAuth2 and OpenID Connect (OIDC).

What happens after they log in?

You (the agency) are in control of the customer experience and what happens on your site.

Will you set up my user database / architecture too?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide technical assistance or support for your application outside the bounds of user authentication with Service NSW Connect.

How much tech resourcing is required?

This very much depends on the complexity of your application. We have found that it typically takes only a few days of development work to have a working integration.

Can I match my existing database with users?

Yes. Provided that your database has verified email addresses for your users, you can match against the email address of the user who is logging in with Service NSW Connect.

Please contact us at [email protected] to begin an engagement and access full documentation.

How does this work?

The following diagram shows the path the user takes through the authentication flow, and explains the messages passed between the 3 parties:

  1. The user asks the agency application to authenticate them with Service NSW
  2. The agency application asks Service NSW to authenticate the user and for their email address
  3. Service NSW asks the user for their username and password, and consent to share the information with the agency application
  4. The user gives Service NSW their username and password, and their consent for information to be shared
  5. Service NSW tells the agency application that the user has been authenticated, and provides the email address
  6. The agency application logs the user into their application
  7. The user can continue and complete their task or transaction.


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