Squiz Digital.NSW starter kit

Squiz Matrix LogoThe Squiz Matrix Digital.NSW starter kit for Matrix enables you to quickly build and launch a new website in Squiz Matrix using the Digital Design System. 


The Squiz Matrix Digital.NSW starter kit is a re-usable site template for the Squiz Matrix CMS platform that lets you quickly get started with a new site build using the NSW Digital Design System.

The starter kit can be imported directly into Squiz Matrix saving you time getting started. The template also includes a pre-set asset configuration and structure in the backend, using a layout and config that is consistent with Squiz best practices.

Simply download the template file, import it to your Squiz Matrix CMS, apply URLs, and you are ready to go.

The site implementation is based on the Design system starter kit, which includes all patterns from the UI pattern library. Once imported into Squiz Matrix, you can extend the site implementation with further features and design customisations. 

Squiz Matrix Digital.NSW Template

Squiz Matrix Digital.NSWDemo

  • Pre-implemented Squiz Matrix site template using Squiz best practices.
  • CSS files that include the full Digital Design System UI pattern library.
  • Squiz Matrix content template for the Accordion component.
  • Default form styling for Squiz Matrix forms that match the Digital Design System.
  • Page layout controls for editors to control the visibility of the breadcrumb, heading and side column.
  • Pre-filled robots.txt file.

Squiz customers, please contact Squiz support using the usual channels. You can also visit the Squiz Matrix forums for community support and assistance.

Please visit the Squiz Marketplace for installation instructions on how to download, import and install this template.

For more information on how to use or adopt the Squiz Matrix CMS platform, please refer to the official documentation on the Squiz Matrix Manuals website

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