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Enables citizens to communicate their details and preferences safely, securely and in one place.



The Tell Government Once component focuses on creating capabilities which will help agencies communicate digitally with the customer through their preferred method by utilising the consent and preferences provided by the customer. The existing solution enables agencies to send digital notifications (emails) to customers complemented with basic analytics.


  • Citizens need to contact agencies individually to update personal details and preferences
  • Agencies need to have the most up-to-date customer details in order to contact them in the way they prefer
  • Agencies need to have communication capabilities built bespoke onsite or outsource them if they want to contact customers
  • Agencies need to save their operational costs by digitising the transactional and marketing communication experience.


  • Single, secure touchpoint for NSW residents to communicate personal details, consent and communication preferences to government.



  • Only need to communicate information once
  • Government contacts citizens in the way they prefer.


  • Access to the most up-to-date customer details
  • Focus on core business activities instead of building communication capabilities
  • Save costs by digitising their business communication processes.


The TGO roadmap highlights features that will be validated soon. Depending on our validation results, we hope to have them ready for you to use.

March 2019 onwards

  • Digital Notifications Inbox in My Service NSW Account
  • Email Subscription Management
  • TGO Address Update API
  • Advanced details and calls to actions for the notifications in Digital Inbox such as due dates and payments
  • Mobile Notifications: SMS & Push
  • Advanced email analytics: viewed, deleted and so on.

For more information or to explore how this could work for your product, please contact:

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