Customer Payment Platform (CPP)

Customer Payment Platform (CPP) Integration between the CRM, payment platform and to the agency finance systems enabling us to process, record payments to/from citizens. GTP provides full revenue management from Point-of-sale, fees & receipting, multi-channel payment, shopping cart, revenue reconciliation facilities. This product can be used in conjunction with another GTP service offering, such as License & Compliance Lifecycle Management, or as a standalone solution. The system is fully complaint with the PCI certification and currently facilitates over $6B payments per annum.

The CPP is the preferred and recommended whole of government payment platform.

customer payments options displayed (accessible version available soon)

Customer outcomes

This solution enables agencies to…

  • Provide consumers with Credit Card facilities, EFTPOS, POS
  • Reduced transactional merchant and setup cost
  • Use the GTP Paypal payment portal
  • Provide a single shopping Cart for multiple items in a single transaction
  • Provide a secure gateway for online payments
  • Issue payment Receipt / Invoice
  • Reconcile transactions
  • Reduce cost of payment processing with no upfront fee and low cost per transaction

For information on all of the CPP services, please contact [email protected]

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