Digital.NSW Accelerator (DNA)

The Digital.NSW Accelerator (DNA) enables Digital Government transformation by putting people at the centre of government services, accelerate the delivery of digital initiatives, and growing our digital capability and maturity across the sector.
Putting the citizen at the heart of everything we do, the DNA views digital solutions in a broad context. Our approach is to design services around a user’s needs and deliver high-impact products to citizens. The accelerator is a space where teams across government can apply agile and design thinking practices to accelerate digital product delivery.

Our Services

  1. Understand the problem
    We engage users to understand their experiences, identify improvements to make it easier for them to get the services they need. We are committed to bringing together government agencies to gain a shared understanding of citizen pain points, which allows agencies to collaborate and design services that will provide a direct benefit to the people of NSW
  2. Design with Users
    We test the validity of new products or services with users through accelerated prototype design, development and market testing so that our agency partners can make informed decisions about the validity and usability of that product or service before committing resources to building it.
  3. Deliver Value 
    We transform services and processes to align to citizens needs and expectations by helping agencies to adopt an agile approach, use evidence-based decision making, and put users at the heart of their service design and delivery. Build quickly, iterate and reduce risk.
  4. Capability uplift
    We empower teams, agencies, and leaders to set their projects up for success not just in the DNA phase of the service delivery but through to first, second, third release and beyond. We do this by building long-standing product teams and enable them to continually improve and meet people’s expectation in this fast-changing world

If you’d like to get involved or find out more about the DNA, please contact us at [email protected]

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