APIs and data sharing

Whether you’re connecting your services through applications, forms or products. Or you want to make your data available to the public to facilitate innovation and connection with government and the public. Our integration services are able to provide key connectors to make this happen. Our products include:

Public APIs through API.NSW

  • Have your data available through API.NSW where we have over 55 million public API calls a year.
  • Used by commercial companies, students and innovators of the general public services.

Private APIs and Data Exchange Management

  • Connect to our private APIs using our private API data
  • Or use GLS as a centre of government to be able to connect and exchange data with other departments
  • Supports API requests, document exchange and data clean up to flow directly into your application, BI or shared folder

Customer outcomes

Public APIs through API.NSW

  • Enables the public to directly connect to government data
  • Promote innovation and data availability to the public
  • Supports the NSW Government Open Data Policy to provide open, managed and trusted information.
  • Keep the public informed using data directly from agencies.

Private APIs and Data Exchange Management

  • Have a secure way to share government data internally or with other agencies.
  • Ability to create value to the public using a variety of government data sets together.
  • Easily exchange data between products to decrease staff work and reduce chances of human error.


Public APIs through API.NSW

  • Available on a centralised platform among all agencies
  • API Management and Support for the public through GLS
  • Includes security and authentication based on OAuth 2.0

Private APIs and Data Exchange Management

  • End point management
  • API Maintenance
  • API Support
  • Data Clean Up


  • Apigee for API Management
  • API.NSW online platform
  • Mulesoft


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