Customer feedback solutions

Our customer feedback solutions have been designed to help you understand your customers’ real time needs, pain points and areas of positive change.

If you want to get a good understanding of your customer satisfaction, our solutions are designed for you. These include:

  • Online chatbots – For automated responses to customers frequently asked questions
  • Feedback Assist - Designed to non-obtrusively sit on your web application to engage with customers
  • Sentiment Checks – An easy way to gauge the sentiment of your user after an application

Customer outcomes

  • In-depth view on your customers
  • Understand their needs
  • Uncover problem areas
  • Discover what works well within your department
  • Get important feedback across your department.
  • Facilitate collaboration with the public’s need

Products and features


  • Our chatbot can provide question and answer flows that allow the public to ask questions or redirect them to the right place.
  • Helps understand frequently asked questions coming from your customers.
  • Can be customised to be transferred onto a real person to support the user further.
  • Helps decrease the public need to contact the agency directly for tier 1 type questions.

Feedback assist

screenshot of the feedback assist widget
  • Feedback Assist is a non-intrusive widget Feedback Assist allows agencies to either use Salesforce to manage cases or integrate to their existing feedback management systems. 
  • The widget gives the user a simple way to input whether they’re happy or unhappy with the page to understand their sentiment and allows them to contact government based on any area they are on the website.

Sentiment checks

screenshot of the sentiments check widget
  • Customer sentiment check is a whole of government widget used to capture and understand real-time customer feedback with optional comments.
  • Customers can express positive feedback by selecting the thumbs up icon or negative feedback through clicking the thumbs down creating a simple way for customers to provide key insight into products and web applications.
  • This data can be provided directly to you through reporting or even integrated with our dashboard solutions to provide an understanding of user sentiment.


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