Enterprise application development

GTP has an array of enterprise application development solutions that enable us to develop applications to meet your needs and requirements based on the governments digital design standards (DDS), these include:

  • Our custom portals that allows departments and the public to hook into data management or integrate into licensing and provide them with a portal for their own digital solutions.
  • Our native development team can provide custom built mobile applications to extend to the community.
  • Partnering with public or private businesses to feed information into your application, or to provide and manage native apps to the public.
  • Development of public or private web application through our custom forms, content management systems or applications.
  • With the availability to link into our APIs or licensing and provide custom built web apps that suit your need.

Customer outcomes

Custom portals:

  • Empower the public to update and take action on their own portal
  • Create targeted portals to reflect yours or the industries need.
  • Provide an easier way for the public to manage their own data or licenses
  • Native Application Development
  • Be able to provide information directly to the public
  • Make it easier for the public to work with government
  • Be able to use a standard SNSW login
  • Web App Development
  • Custom built web app that suits all your specific needs


Custom portals

Full stack architecture

Web app development

  • Custom solutions
  • Android Native Development
  • IOS Native Development
  • Cross-Platform Development


Please contact your GTP representative for a customised quote.


Integration of portals and apps through to the licensing platforms are available.

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