Licensing platform (Licence.NSW)

Licensing (including registering and permitting) should be fast, simple and straightforward for citizens and businesses to achieve authorisation to perform a regulated activity. It should also be easy for regulators to manage licences and compliance effectively, in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Single platform

  • Licence management
  • Digital licence
  • Batch licence printing
  • Compliance management
  • Analytics & data intelligence
  • Document verification services
  • Document management
  • Payments and transactions
  • Asset management
  • Registered training and course organisation management – part of any licensing requirements

Customer outcomes

Jurisdictional agencies can realise many benefits including:

  • Reduced red tape
  • Improved services to public
  • Lower IT costs across government
  • Improved data quality
  • Standardised processes
  • Better availability and security
  • Increased consumer protection.

Licensing features

Licensing-as-a-service includes a multitude of items including:

  • Digital Licensing
  • Customer interface/s
  • Agency back office operating environment
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Data services
  • Consultancy, design and implementation services
  • Providing scalable and productive solutions
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Integration to BPay, IVR and other 3rd party systems
  • Public Register for licences, permits and registrations

Digital transformation

Provides the capability to use web based, or digital-device based, transactions for any legacy paper-based transaction. This can be delivered as an additional feature to our License & Compliance offering or as an independent product. Transactions that can be performed digitally include the following, as examples.

  • Applications for licences, permits, registrations, certificates etc
  • Renewal of licences, permits, registrations, certificates etc
  • Update of Individual Contact Details
  • End-to-end Self-Service management of licences, permits, registrations, certificates etc. This includes transfer of ownership,
  • Periodic payments and returns licences, permits, registrations, certificates etc.
  • Notifications - e.g. notification of disposal, Trust accounts etc


This solution enable agencies to...

  • Replace paper-based forms with digital forms
  • Deliver real-time data access
  • Deliver real-time update of licensee details
  • Provide secure transaction
  • Provide access via smart-device app
  • Enact changes to legislation without having to consider delay in replacement of physical stocks
  • Deliver real-time licence renewal
  • Deliver generic branded services
  • Provide secure data connection
  • STD certificate business rule


  • Siebel CRM 20.4
  • Amanda7
  • Smartform Web App


Development cost: 

  • Please contact your GTP representative for a customised quote. 


Full complicance with all relevant data, privacy, PCI and cyber security requirements.

Government Licensing System (GLS)

  • 13M+ licences, permits and registration records
  • 12M+ searches and transactions annually
  • 140+ licence, permit and registration categories
  • 1300+ digitised licences, permits and registrations
  • 12+ legacy systems replaced
  • 100+ manual processes replaced



GTP led, DCS team is developing a next-generation licensing service - Licence.NSW. This will improve:

  • the customer experiences
  • in standardising licensing processes
  • regulation management
  • Rapid, parallel license development
  • Integration with common NSW Government Services
  • accurate data for reporting
  • responsiveness to business
  • 360-degree view of customer where legislation allows
  • data sharing

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