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GovDC & Infrastructure Support services is a whole of government program designed to support agencies demand for hybrid cloud and ICT hosting.

Prior to widespread adoption of cloud computing, the GovDC program was in place to ensure every agency had access to modern, efficient and secure data centre facilities. With the growth of cloud computing, GovDC has developed capabilities to continue to support the infrastructure requirements of agencies adopting hybrid cloud architectures.

Our services

1. GovDC colocation services
The Government Data Centre (GovDC) fulfil the ongoing demand for on-premise ICT infrastructure, including private cloud and hosted environments. This purpose-built facility for NSW government and operated by the world’s largest data centre provider, Equinix, this provides whole of government colocation services, including on-premise, private cloud and community cloud services. GovDC Colocation allows agencies to easily adopt hybrid cloud architectures which are increasingly popular with agencies and other public sector bodies.

2. GovDC cloud - a community marketplace dedicated to government
Offers a government community cloud within the GovDC with offerings from an expanding number of vendors. The community cloud is useful for agencies that have a preference to consume a cloud service but would prefer it to be hosted adjacent to their on-premise ICT.

3. Innovation space
Innovation Space is an incubation and test area within the GovDC Cloud. Agencies can access vendor offerings in the Innovation Space to become familiar with, and trial, the industry’s latest technologies. Vendors are provided with a more flexible colocation agreement whilst they are demonstrating and testing.

4. GovDC PROTECTED (coming soon)
GovDC PROTECTED are specially hardened colocation services capable of hosting data and systems that are labelled as PROTECTED under the federal government and ASIO classifications. The additional security layers are defined under the Physical Security aspects of the Australian Government’s Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF).

5. Next generation interconnect (coming soon)
The Next Generation Interconnect is a secure data centre and wide area network fabric that simplifies the connectivity process between tenants and vendors providing services within the GovDC environment. This service is under development and will provide an ability to easily and securely connect to any service or tenant of the GovDC environment.

6. Infrastructure support services
GTP Infrastructure services available to all agencies. Whilst agencies would typically look to vendors or systems integrator if they require assistance in infrastructure support, GTP provides an internal Government infrastructure team to support all your infra needs.

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