Virtual Contact Centre

The GTP Virtual Contact Centre platform provides whole of government with a contact centre capability that is based on Genesys Cloud technology, hosted by Genesys. The platform makes full use of the investment and capabilities that Genesys has developed and is provided through a cloud subscription model. The Genesys software is one of the world’s leading cloud Virtual Contact Centre (VCC) platform and is now available to support your business needs through GTP.

1. Scalable and highly available service 
The GTP Virtual Contact Centre gives NSW State Government a highly available platform and provides NSW citizens the ability to interact with its government across multiple voice and digital channels. The platform also provides capabilities to grow, not only the number of services provided but also the types of services

2. Integrated and efficient
Our platform enables efficient interactions for all parties, making full use of other technologies that we have available, including the option to integrate with leading CRM solutions such as Salesforce. The platform also utilises WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications Protocol) to deliver the media stream to the desktop, whilst the carrier services are through a SIP over the Internet solution

3. Customer centred solution
The Genesys Cloud platform includes a thin client agent interface accessed through a secure internet connection. Other features like, Supervisor tools, omni-channel interaction routing, outbound campaigns and scripting can also be delivered to optimise customer connections.

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