Getting started

The NSW Design System is not yet mandatory. We encourage you to use this time to become familiar with it. Ask your teams to get involved – your product managers, developers, writers and designers.

Start with the standards

Explore the six design standards to get an idea how you or your team might put them into practice for your digital product or service.

Each standard is made up of topics that outline best practice and policy requirements. They indicate:

  • the minimum you're expected to do to meet a standard
  • how to show you’ve done that in a checklist format. You could use this to report to stakeholders, and for your showcases and record keeping 
  • orientation guidance and methods to help get you, and keep you, on track.

Your team can also also view the standards, with each topic broken down into a project phases checklist.


Take an agile approach to delivery

Use the Delivery Manual to ensure your team builds a service that solves a real customer need, and makes decisions based on evidence. It will help you meet the needs of users and the organisation while avoiding common project pitfalls.

Taking this approach to designing and delivering products and services can be new for some teams - so use the manual to help team members and stakeholders agree on the ways you'll work together.

Styles, patterns, solutions

Designers can check out our Design System Sketch UI kit. The design system styles, patterns and solutions make it easy for agencies to reskin, improve upon or start a site from scratch. You have all the tools to make your product, service or website distinctly NSW Government.

Get your development started with the HTML Starter Kit alternatively you can either download the full source code from our github repository or use our npm library.

Building on the basics

Our team continues to build the resources you need. We ensure our product is on-brand and accessible, based on the standards. We work with an agile delivery approach, putting you, our agency users first, and testing and iterating as we go.

We’ve been working with several agencies to consolidate and strengthen our standards and toolkit and will continue along these lines. We plan to ensure they’re practical with case studies, examples and templates.

Who’s using the NSW Design System?

It’s great to see several agencies currently in the process of using the design system. We will publish their examples here once they go live.

Meanwhile, this site is an example of the design system in action.

Get in touch

If you would like to know how to get started, or have any other questions, email us at [email protected]. We can organise a time to meet up.  

Get involved through our design system community. We thrive on feedback.

We’re always looking to chat to people who want to engage with the design system team.

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