Create a new component

Websites have different user needs and the Design System is constantly changing. To meet these user needs you may have to create your own components.

When creating new components it is important to use the inbuilt functionality and core distinctly New South Wales look and feel of the Design System. The components, grid system, variables and functions have been created to help to simplify this process. Using the inbuilt functionality ensures changes to the system and changes you make will naturally flow into your own custom components.  Another key benefit of leveraging existing code standards is maintaining a high level of accessibility required for all NSW digital products and services.

Do the research first

If you are in the process of making a new component make sure it is something your user needs. Often times simple solutions are the most usable.

We like to ask these questions before making new components:

  • Is it possible to use an existing component?
  • Is it possible to meet this user need by customising an existing component?

If you can't use or modify an existing component we ask:

  • Is it possible to use components that exist to make this ( grid, buttons, responsive-media, body )?
  • Can we build this component in a way that other products can benefit from it in the future?
  • Is there research or discussion about similar patterns on the community?
  • What existing functions and variables can I use in this component?

Make a contribution

We welcome any contributions from the community and beyond to help improve our services.  You can find a comprehensive guide to making contributions on our github site. In summary, we ask the following for all contributions:

  • Useful - It addresses a user need that’s shared by multiple services or products.
  • Unique - It doesn’t duplicate something which already exists in the design system, unless it’s intended to replace it.
  • Distinctly New South Wales - Suggested patterns and components must be aligned to the distinctly NSW look and feel. Download the latest Design System Figma UI kit from our site.
  • Usable - It’s been tested and shown to work with a representative sample of users, including those with disabilities.
  • Consistent - It uses existing styles and components in the design system where relevant.
  • Versatile - It can be easily applied in different contexts.
  • Tested - It’s been tested and shown to work with a range of browsers, assistive technologies and devices.
  • Considered - Documentation and rationale have been provided.

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