Development roadmap

This page outlines the status of the development of the Design System 2.0 UI Patterns. 


Released patterns

Pattern Release date Updated date
Footer Tuesday 26 November 2019 24 February 2020
Header Tuesday 26 November 2019  
Blockquote Thursday 12 December 2019  
Breadcrumbs Thursday 12 December 2019  
Buttons Thursday 12 December 2019  
Hero module Thursday 12 December 2019  
Main Navigation Thursday 12 December 2019 Monday 23 March 2020
Cards Wednesday 18 December 2019 Monday 24 February 2020
Link lists Wednesday 18 December 2019  
Accordion Friday 20 December 2019  
Callout Friday 20 December 2019  
Pagination Friday 20 December 2019 Monday 23 March 2020
Direction links Friday 10 January 2020 Monday 23 March 2020
Tables Friday 10 January 2020  
In-page notifications Wednesday 29 January 2020  
Tab navigation Thursday 19 March 2020  
In-page navigation Tuesday 24 March 2020  
Global alerts Thursday 26 March 2020  
Forms Monday 30 March 2020  
Tags Monday 14 May 2020  
Hero search Wednesday 20 May 2020  

Patterns in development

Pattern Build status Development team
Side Navigation Build NSW Design System team
Feature Tile Build NSW Design System team

Pattern backlog

Our backlog contains components and patterns that have been requested by our community. We also include elements that the Design System team have identified that we may need to provide for use by digital creators.

Pattern Build status
Back to top Backlog
Spinner Backlog
Tool Tip Backlog
Filtering Backlog
Template page Backlog
Related links Backlog
Image carousel Backlog
Modal Backlog
Progress Indicator Backlog
Combo box Backlog
File upload Backlog
Text field framework Backlog
Date picker Backlog
Slider Backlog
Toggle switch Backlog
Context menu Backlog
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