ThumbnailThe NSW Design System provides a library of developer built government building blocks, technology partner architecture and APIs.

The system incorporates the highest usability and accessibility standards and helps deliver a consistent experience for all users.

When you install a component you benefit from the shared efforts of a community dedicated to solving the challenges of delivering consistent user experiences to citizens.


This is just the start of the Solutions library.

Check out the roadmap for future developments. We are sourcing various components to build out the library over time, so if you have tech to contribute, and have the right to do so get involved.

Feedback assist

Feedback assist illustration

Get feedback on your product or service fast.

Integrating with a Salesforce case management instance, this can be hosted for you, or Feedback assist can be integrated into your existing Salesforce or electronic complaint management system. 

Source: Department of Customer Service


NSW Point

NSW Point illustration

Consistent and reliable address look-ups for your forms.

Available as an API you can configure with your existing form fields, or embed the NSW Point Widget for an out of-the-box working model you can integrate directly into your website.


Service Point (BETA)

NSW Point illustration

Anonymised transaction reporting service developed by Spatial Services to facilitate location based reporting for NSW Government.


Squiz Digital.NSW Starter kit

Squiz Illustration

The Squiz Matrix Digital.NSW Starter kit for Matrix enables you to quickly build and launch a new website in Squiz Matrix using the Digital Design System.

Source: Squiz


Salesforce AWS S3 Upload

S3 Upload Illustration

This component allow users to upload multiple artefacts to AWS S3 via public portal and/or an internal salesforce application.

Source: Department of Customer Service


Service NSW Connect

Authentication and Linking

Service NSW Connect is a service that enables customers to use one set of login credentials to access NSW Government products and services.

Source: Service NSW


Proof of Identity (PoI)

Proof of Identity

POI provides citizens with a secure, reusable and consistent way to prove their digital identity across government agencies.

Source: Service NSW


Tell Government Once

Tell Government Once

Enables citizens to communicate their details and preferences safely, securely and in one place.

Source: Service NSW


Customer sentiment check

Sentiment check is a whole of government widget used to capture real-time customer sentiment for digital products or services.

Source: Department of Customer Service



The electronic exchange of invoices between the systems of a supplier and a buyer.

Source: Department of Customer Service

Salesforce Timeline

Timeline displays your client’s upcoming, current, and past activities.

Source: Department of Customer Service

Salesforce Genogram

A Genogram is a graph that shows the connections of family members and other important relationships. It helps you to get the full picture of your client’s circumstances.

Source: Department of Customer Service

Salesforce Advanced Printing

Print and collate large numbers of records or file related to your clients.

Source: Department of Customer Service

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant supports the live chat service on a website.

Source: Department of Customer Service

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