Components are building blocks to ensure the delivery of consistent and citizen centric products and services.

This is just the start for the reusable component library, check out the roadmap for future developments. We are sourcing various components to build out the library over time, if you have tech to contribute get involved.

Feedback Assist

Feedback assist illustration

Get feedback on your product or service fast.

Integrating with a Salesforce case management instance, this can be hosted for you, or Feedback Assist can be integrated into your existing Salesforce or electronic complaint management system. 

Source: Department of Finance, Services & Innovation


NSW Point

NSW Point illustration

Consistent and reliable address lookups for your forms.

Available as an API you can configure with your existing form fields, or embed the NSW Point Widget for an out of-the-box working model you can integrate directly into your website.

Source: Department of Finance, Services & Innovation