The NSW Design Standards help people working in government build user-centred digital services.

The Standards outline the key things to consider when building government services in NSW, including privacy, security, accessibility and branding. 

Who uses it?

Primarily, the Standards are for people who create – design, develop, build, support – digital services for government. Whatever your role, the standards have been designed to support you and your team in your day-to-day work.

They’re also for executives and teams to help advocate for customer centric ways of working. 

How it works

The Standards are intended to be used across all stages of service development – whether you’re developing a new service or improving one that already exists.

The Standards are made up of six parts and should be read holistically.

To help teams use the standards, we have structured them by service design and delivery phases to demonstrate how they apply across different phases of service development.

When reading the standards, open the links to access a range of guides.

The Standards

Create with purpose

Solve for the right thing

Design with users, for users

Meet user needs

Reuse and repurpose

Avoid reinventing the wheel

Respect privacy and maintain security

Build trust and confidence

Monitor, manage and evolve

Sustain and adapt the service to achieve its purpose

Be open, accountable and collaborative

Drive transparency and help uplift capability

What’s next 

This is the second iteration of the Standards. Based on feedback, we removed some of the complexity of the first iteration.  We’ve tried to make the requirements more concrete but this work is ongoing.  

We will continue to make improvements to the Standards and supporting materials. We’re starting with ‘Design with users, for users’, so keep a look out for updates. 

The Design System team are on hand to assist you with any query you may have at any phase in your project delivery, please reach out to us on for assistance or to provide feedback. 

Please email us if you would like a PDF version of the Standards. 

Current Version 

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