Why it’s important

There are benefits for users and creators when we create with purpose.


  • Get what they need


  • Know what they’re aiming to achieve for users and why  
  • Make decisions based on facts, not assumptions
  • Think about how their work fits into the bigger picture
  • Measure and show the value of their work
  • Know when to pivot, iterate, scale or end the work

How we get there

To create with purpose, we need to:

Get the facts
Identify and understand the problem or opportunity before solving it.

Identify users
Know who the users are, be they people or machines.

Set objectives based on user needs

Describe what we’re aiming to achieve and what success looks like. Focus on the outcomes we want to achieve. 

Know the scope

  • what’s in the team’s control to influence and change
  • key stakeholders to collaborate with to achieve our objectives

Scan the environment
Look at what others inside and outside of government are doing. We may be able to learn from and leverage their work.

Think big picture
Look beyond the work by describing how it:

  • meets relevant department and whole-of-Government strategic goals
  • meets relevant policy intent
  • connects with other projects or services

Measure success
Build in ways to check we’re meeting objectives, such as setting baseline and performance metrics.

Make data driven decisions
Get a strong evidence base of qualitative and quantitative data to make decisions. 

Mandatory bits

At the moment there are no mandatory bits for this part.