The Digital Design System will help drive government digital transformation and continuous improvement, for the benefit of the people of NSW​ 

What is the design system?

The Digital Design System is a living repository in its first iteration, that will grow and evolve over time.

To begin with, it’s made up of:

  • The NSW Design Standard which underpins how government designs digital services
  • design style guidelines to help create a consistent look and feel
  • components, including an open source pattern library with code that’s accessible, responsive and modular
  • guides on best practice approaches to digital design and delivery, such as writing content and accessible design

Why do we need a design system?

When we create digital services like websites, apps and reusable components, there’s often no consistent approach across government departments.

We can be doing similar things, but often start from scratch as there’s no easy way to collaborate, share or leverage our learnings and resources.

The Digital Design System helps to solve this challenge as it’s a central repository of tools and resources to help government deliver consistent, user centric services.

What are the benefits?

For government, the Digital Design System:

  • sets clear guidelines on what good digital design is
  • uses a common language which helps us collaborate
  • gives easy access to an up-to-date set of tools and resources
  • helps reduce duplication, and speeds up delivery and scalability by using tried and tested solutions
  • will become the single source of truth for how we design and deliver digital services

For industry (businesses, NGOs), the Digital Design System:

  • makes it easier to know what government expects
  • helps industry pitch to government because they’re better equipped to understand government’s requirements
  • is a resource they can use to build their own services

For end users (whoever uses the services government builds):

  • get a consistent and familiar experience across government services

Who can use it?

Anyone involved in creating a digital service can use the Digital Design System. 'Creators' include:

  • Developers
  • Procurement officers
  • Service designers
  • Content designers
  • Policy officers
  • Graphic designers
  • Digital designers
  • User researchers 
  • Technologists
  • Communications officers
  • Data and business analysts
  • Enterprise architects
  • Product owners and managers
  • Chief Information Officers

It’s not just for people in government either! 

People in the community and the private sector can use the Digital Design System too.

Get involved

The Digital Design System is a living thing for creators, and it needs you to help it grow and continuously improve.

You can do this by:

  • providing feedback on any part of the design system
  • participating in user research and testing​
  • suggesting guidance you’d like to see and help us write it ​
  • sharing resources you’ve developed that we can incorporate into the design system
  • contributing to the components library
  • suggesting your work as a case study

Find out how to get in touch.

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