Our Design system is free to use for anybody building a service or website, and our community of contributors are always working to make it better.

How to contribute

From proposing a design in our Community, to submitting code in GitHub, it’s your contribution that ensures the Design System is a vital part of your project success.

Contributions are not limited to code. We also encourage discussions, feedback, documentation, new designs, tools, and ideas.

If you’re looking for something that we don’t yet have, or you notice something could be improved, there are a couple of ways to reach out:


Our Community is a place where you can be actively involved in helping to build products and services that are better, faster and easier. This is a great chance for you to:

  • collaborate on developing better solutions to common design problems
  • Share your ideas, insights and learnings with others
  • Get help with your own design and development challenges
Join the Community


GitHub is our home of code. This is where you can submit code to match new patterns, suggest improvements to the design system and raise bugs for our development team to consider.

The Design System is continually evolving, so have a look in our issues tracker and check out our backlog of components and patterns before suggesting something new.


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