Our colours are used throughout all channels and are present in most touch points with the brand. 


These four brand colours are for use on all masterbrand and co-branding identities, digital products and services.

Co-branded entities that have approval and exemption, can customise the NSW Primary Highlight colour to match their visual identity system.

Colour Name Hex Value


NSW Primary Blue #002664


NSW Primary Highlight #D7153A


NSW Secondary Blue #2E5299


NSW Tertiary Blue #0085B3

Fills and strokes 

Fill and stroke colours should be universally applied across all NSW branded digital products and services. 

These colours can be use in header and footer backgrounds, card backgrounds, borders, divider lines etc.

Colour Name Hex Value













Dark60 #6D7079


Dark70 #4C4F55


Dark80 #333333


The notification colours are used to provide the customer with contextual or transactional feedback. Refer to the relevant component for rules on when each colour should be used.

Colour Name Hex Value


Info Blue #2E5299


Success Green #00A908


Warning Orange #DC5800


Error Red #B81237

Colour contrast

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) recommend that text contrasts with its background at a ratio of at least 4.5:1 (or 3:1 for text larger than 18 point or at least 14 point when bolded). It is also recommends user interface elements (and their states), as well as parts of graphics required to understand any content meet or exceed a ratio of 3:1. 

Several tools can help check colour contrast ratios, such as WebAIM colour contrast checker.

To facilitate in the selection of compliant contrast ratios, please use the following chart comparing NSW Design System colours.

Colour contrast chart

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