User research methods

To build a service that works, you need to understand users from their point of view. This avoids designing based on assumptions that are biased by your own perspectives.

Conduct user research with a wide range of people to  get a clear picture of what they're trying to do when they use your service.  

Explore the below user research methods to know when and how to research.


Understanding user needs

Know what your users need and want from your product or service

Conducting user interviews

Learn how to gather actionable insights from your audience

Empathy mapping

Gain deeper understanding of your user

Persona creation

Articulate who the customer is, how the problem effects them and their needs.

Customer journey mapping

Visualise when, how and why a user interacts with your system and product

Analysing insights

Organise your findings to elicit clear and actionable insights

Sharing your findings

Showcase your findings to the product team

Usability testing

Test the functionality of your service