When to do research

Research with users at every phase in the service design process.

The aim of user research in discovery is to find out who users are, what they’re trying to accomplish, and how your product or service can be better than anything they currently use.

User research in alpha aims to improve the team’s understanding of users and their needs. They test different design ideas and prototypes, and learn how to develop a service so it helps users achieve their goal.

User research in the beta phase tests the service with likely users to make sure it meets their needs, and to understand and resolve usability issues. 

The aim of user research in the live phase is to assess people’s experience of using your service, understand evolving user needs and test new features, changes or improvements.

Discovery phase research

What you learn about your users in discovery will help you create your scope of work

Alpha phase research

Alpha phase research should reveal user motivations, triggers, and contexts

Beta phase research

Beta phase research should be validating assumptions and refining user needs and wants

Go-live research

Use analytics and further research to inform a continuous improvement strategy