The CX Pipeline will be a living curated catalogue of potential opportunities across NSW Government to optimise investment and improve services for citizens. The CX Pipeline will inform the Government Chief Information & Digital Officer, the ICT & Digital Government Leadership Group and the Customer & Digital Council when making investment decisions.


A platform where public servants and, in due course, citizens and the private sector can:

  • Share information, learnings and technology to help Government optimise investment and improve service delivery to citizens;
  • Gain visibility of customer experience related opportunities and projects;
  • Connect and collaborate on opportunities and projects; and
  • Identify new opportunities to improve service delivery to citizens of NSW.

Why is this important?

NSW is focused on improving the customer experience for citizens in NSW that consume our digital services.

Currently, when someone within Government identifies a problem or opportunity to improve digital services for citizens, there is no central place to log or register their idea or see if it’s already something another stakeholder intends to address.

The pipeline will enable greater collaboration and sharing across Government to improve customer experience of government services, reduce costs, and accelerate our digital transformation.

The CX Pipeline is managed by the Innovation NSW Team.

Find out more

To learn more about the CX Pipeline, please see our blog.

Want to get involved?

If you would like to learn more about the CX Pipeline program, participate in user research and testing, or provide suggestions, please contact the CX Pipeline team:

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