Information and Data Policy and Practice

Our Vision 

Our vision is to deliver better social and economic outcomes for the citizens of NSW by unlocking the value of data across government.

NSW Government is committed to creating a data-driven public sector that leverages the power of data to inform decision-making, service delivery and policy design. 

Our aim is to create an environment where, by making government data more accessible, new opportunities for research, innovation, transparency and greater efficiency are delivered and realised by government, businesses, and citizens. 

We are also committed to making sure that government data is used and shared in a way that maintains the highest levels of public trust. We want everyone to be able to use and benefit from data, without compromising privacy or confidentiality.  

Services we provide

The Information and Data Policy and Practice Team work in the Digital Government Branch in the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation. The Branch reports to the NSW Government Chief Information and Digital Officer (GCIDO) and is responsible for whole of government information and data policy.

We work in partnership with NSW government agencies to unlock the value of data across NSW Government and ensure data is shared and used in a way that maintains the highest levels of trust.  We work with stakeholders with different data capabilities and skill levels to build data capability, maturity and practice. 

The team can be engaged by NSW Government agencies to understand the information management and data challenges in your organisation by: 

  • advising on information and data policy requirements, including privacy, information classification and information management.
  • advising on data use, opportunities and management.
  • supporting the publication of open data on data.nsw    
  • supporting the co-design of projects for improving open and shared data practices.
  • contributing to your information and data strategies, governance, programs, policies and procedures.
  • sharing expertise and experience relating to NSW information and data policy, platforms and practices.
  • assisting in development of data skills and capabilities
  • developing and sharing case studies of great practice.
  • convening communities of interest and practice across the NSW government sector.

Who can I talk to?

If you would like our team to support your agency in your data or information management  journey, please get in touch via

You can read more about the work of the Digital Government branch on our blog:

While your agency may have its own specific data and information requirements, read the overview of key information and data legislation that impacts all NSW Government agencies.

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